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Product School Final Project

My final project at product school was “Maintenance Mate.” The problem I wanted to solve with Maintenance Mate was the cost and hassle related to auto maintenance. The product tied together Metromile, an auto insurance provider that bills customers by month, primarily rating on the number of miles driven, and the Your Mechanic App, which allows customers to have a mechanic come to their location to perform repairs.  The idea was to add a mechanical breakdown insurance component along with a premium financing component to the existing Metromile app, such that a consumer would pay a fix monthly fee each month for maintenance. The cost for the maintenance component is estimated between $12 and $44 per month (depending upon make, model, and year of car and a few other factors), which would be added to the monthly premium paid for Metromile car insurance.

For the Minimum Viable Product, I envisioned an integration with the Metromile app, where an additional “maintenance” menu would appear that would allow customers to book a maintenance appointment directly in the app. I would receive the information from the app about the maintenance appointment, and set up a virtual credit card to pay for the service.

Here is my presentation and notes: Product_Presentation

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