An orderly zoo…

Classwork... Today I did several more lessons in my class (Leveraging Unstructured Data with Cloud Dataproc on Google Cloud Platform) along with lab #2. In essence, there was a dataset in a text file with information about animals that included type, name, breed, age and more. The goal was to group the data such that... Continue Reading →

Yellow Elephants

Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals Today I finished my first class in the Data Engineering on the Google Cloud Platform Specialization, “Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals.” The first task of the day was Lab #6, “Carry out Machine Learning with TensorFlow v1.3”, and then a quiz. Frankly,... Continue Reading →


Okay, so Vegas and Defcon is a combination is new to me - but it turned out to be a great one! The thing that surprised me the most is that Defcon is destructive -- unlike most of the tech conferences I have been to this year where the focus was on building things --... Continue Reading →

Fall preparation

I am taking two Udacity classes right now, in preparation for my fall classes at school. One of the classes is a review of C++ for programmers. While much of the material so far is a review of things that I already know, having a different instructor means that I am learning tips and tricks... Continue Reading →

Up, Up and Away … GCP style

Today I wanted to use the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), since I have been spending so much time on AWS recently. I decided to build a very small web app with my go to stack: Python, Flask, Jinja, HTML, CSS and nothing else. I realized that I have not used Flask or Jinja in a... Continue Reading →

Watching Clouds….

My homework this week was to create a database schema, add some data from one of four sources, connect it to an AWS RDS instance using MySQL, and use the monitoring tools within AWS RDS to set up a CloudWatch dashboard to monitor the database.  Since I had some issues with my computer this week,... Continue Reading →


One thing that I like about SQL is the consistency. While there are several flavors, (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft, etc…) I can usually figure out the basics in whatever database I find myself using. Right now in my AWS database class, we are using cloud based relational databases, so SQL has entered my world again. It... Continue Reading →

Learning away from school

While I have continued to do my AWS class homework (AWS Educate has a ton of helpful resources, and I am officially enamored with the seeming simplicity of Sumerian), the past two weeks have also involved events where the learning was condensed into one day or several hours! Women Techmakers Google hosted an International Women's... Continue Reading →

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