Shh…. math

I was at a party on Saturday night and a friend asked what type of math class I am taking. I said “Discrete Math.” In response, she said that she had never heard of it, and was going to Google it. Another friend said that she would not find it on Google because it was... Continue Reading →

Discrete Math

Today was my third Discrete Math class. I like my teacher because he ties the material to computer science topics. One issue I had with calculus in college is that it seemed very abstract, and I couldn’t see why it was useful. Gratefully, my teacher makes these connections, which makes the material more interesting. Today... Continue Reading →

Connections Continue ….

Discrete Math and Sympy Today I have to finish reading for my Discrete Math class. While at times reading the text and following the examples is mind bending, at other times it makes perfect sense in a way that causes me to smile. So far, I think that Discrete Math is a combination of geometry... Continue Reading →

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