Data Visualization & SQLite

Data Visualization (Viz) San Diego has a much smaller tech community than San Francisco. When I lived in the Bay Area, each night I could choose from a dozen or so tech meetups and events that were both interesting and at my skill level -- and that is only a fraction of what was available.... Continue Reading →

API’s and Behance

API’s Revisited It’s been a while since I played with an API… While I went to the API World conference last year, used API’s as part of school projects and used API’s for other classes and projects, I want to refresh myself. After looking over my school notes, I decided to take Udacity’s class "Designing... Continue Reading →

Morning Inspiration…

I decided on BART this morning that I wanted to be inspired. So, I looked at pictures and articles about one of my favorite athletes: Cam Newton. Apart from being an incredibly gifted athlete and charitable with his time as it relates to kids, I just like the fact that he is who he is.... Continue Reading →

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