My first post-Hackbright day!

    Mentors This morning I was fortunate enough to have not one but two mentors meet with me. I wanted to discuss a few data structures; on my list: forests, clusters, hashmaps and ordered dictionaries and sets. Thankfully, my mentors are both patient and smart - and helped me to better understand what I... Continue Reading →

Data Structures & Whiteboards

Data Structures redux - linked lists Today we had a lecture about singly linked lists. The lecture was given by one of the Hackbright graduates who serves as an advisor. The teachers chimed in regularly during the lecture, at one point even telling the lecturer not only to draw a diagram on the whiteboard, but... Continue Reading →


    Pairing Today was the second day of a lab with a jackrabbit coder. After my adviser gave us some assistance on an issue, we were able to work together, and it went okay. Just such a difference in styles. Mentor #3 Tonight, I had the first meeting with my other mentor. He is... Continue Reading →

A very long day

  Flask The morning lecture was on Flask and I understand it and it went very well. At lunch, I ate lunch with the gal I was pairing with and then I had a manicure. Such a quick treat to have my nails done, including mini hand massage – which is awesome after so much... Continue Reading →

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