A very long day




The morning lecture was on Flask and I understand it and it went very well. At lunch, I ate lunch with the gal I was pairing with and then I had a manicure. Such a quick treat to have my nails done, including mini hand massage – which is awesome after so much typing.



The mentor mixer was tonight and we were able to meet our mentors. I have three but only two came today.

Mentor #1

One of my mentors is a French woman who studied computer science at school (mostly network infrastructure) and has a Masters in computer science. She has worked in industry and for a research laboratory, where she published papers and went to conferences. Currently, she works on a contract basis for various clients.

Pearls of Wisdom: She said that things are always changing in the industry and that I should get used to not knowing everything. She also said that one path for me might be entrepreneurship, and that with the ability to code, given my other skill sets, I may want to run my own company.

Mentor #2

My other mentor is a classic software engineer. He has written a book on Javascript and has taught classes for companies and other bootcamps. He currently does mostly consulting, but also has a company.

Peals of Wisdom: Ask people if I can watch them code for a while, as that will help me to learn. Ask people if I can do smaller parts of projects that they might not want to work on. Appreciate the skimming that goes on at Hackbright and see it as an opportunity to look at as many things as I can, rather than trying for a deeper dive .



In General

My head is still swirling. I am so tired. I need 7 hours of sleep and I fear that I will instead get less.

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