Counting & Binomial coefficients with scipy

My Discrete Math final is coming up on December 16. We had a midterm on Sunday, December 3. In the remaining two weeks, the class will cover 5 chapters. I am not sure how the professor will do this in our last 3 hour lecture, but he has taught this class before, so I know... Continue Reading →


Math is beautiful, Math is ugly

My discrete math class has allowed me to see math in a new way. Some days when I am doing homework, I think that math is beautiful -- it makes so much sense and it fits together in such a way that is akin to beauty. Then, there are other days when math is truly... Continue Reading →

Practice, Practice, Practice

Coding Doing Math with Python Today I finished the examples in the first chapter of the Doing Math with Python book. I wrote a few extra functions, based upon what was presented, to reinforce what I was learning. HTML video I have not used the video tag in HTML, so my goal today was to... Continue Reading →

Pivoting, Python and Product

Pivoting Currently, I am enrolled at Product School , working on a Software Product Management Certificate. Product management is a natural extension of my experiences and interests: engineering, marketing, and user experience/interaction. While I have worked on cross-functional teams to build products, the process was ill-defined and the tools were non-existent; our focus was on GSD,... Continue Reading →

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