Bots and Project

  Newest Bot Well, today is a fullstack day! I want to build another bot in part to help me review and in part because I love bots. This is an IRC (Internet Chat Relay) bot, which should also provide me with more experience in the actual inter-workings of the internet, beyond the lecture or... Continue Reading →

Javascript and bots – again

Skills Assessment I finished my Javascript and jQuery skills assessment. I didn’t get a chance to move on to the further study, as I stopped at 3 hours. I found it was like pulling teeth – I completed the problems pretty quickly but getting myself motivated to continue was really hard. I think that perhaps... Continue Reading →

Javascript — and bots!

SQL & Javascript More SQL today and the first introduction to JavaScript. What a day!  I actually didn’t mind going from SQL to Javascript, but something about semicolons and curly braces seems a bit wacky at first glance. However, the language seems logical enough, just not as structured and formal as SQL. Products that Count... Continue Reading →

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