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I took this picture at South by Southwest (SXSW) in March 2016.


Newest Bot

Well, today is a fullstack day! I want to build another bot in part to help me review and in part because I love bots. This is an IRC (Internet Chat Relay) bot, which should also provide me with more experience in the actual inter-workings of the internet, beyond the lecture or two we received at Hackbright.

It should also provide a good review of classes and objects, because it’s been awhile since I worked with them in the pure sense (e.g. not just using them to make a database in SQL Alchemy).

The bot will interact with users only when addressed directly or when certain trigger phrased are spoken. It will return random notable quotes by different women, so it will also give me another chance to use the random module in python. I found the project as part of a list from my python user group on LinkedIn. The project is written in python. Here is a description.



For the front end, I restyled the dashboard a user sees upon logging in. I found a bootstrap template that I modified so that the options are presented in a more pleasing manner than a dropdown menu. The new page looks more purposeful.

Also, I am restyling the list that displays when more than one song with the name a user typed in is present. The list used to contain an awkward set of radio buttons, and now it is spaced better, which enhances readability and flow. I also changed the picture that displays.

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