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Jellyfish are alluring. I swam near jellyfish at La Jolla Cove and I am mesmerized when I see them at aquariums. Jellyfish are intricate and delicate and yet, some of them can pack a deadly poison. Kind of a recurring theme from my day.

Git Branching

Today’s lecture was about git branching. While it is not something that we really worked with much at Hackbright, the lecture was intended to prepare us for future employment, where git, or some other version tracking system, is used. Like jellyfish, git is intricate, and also like jellyfish, it can be deadly (but not lethal) if used incorrectly, although git has some helpful features to try and prevent this.


The day began with what I thought were two simple goals: adding a replay feature and writing tests. As it turns out, while I was able to write all of the logic for the replay feature itself, and figure out the routes, the one thing that I could not figure out was, yet again, what was happening with my data! Like jellyfish, my app was intricate and, was proving to be deadly….

I had data and even the correct data, but something happened to it along the way. I was in despair by the afternoon when a TA had spent about 30 minutes with me, and having run out of time without solving the problem, emailed me a few links to code of what she thought the solution might look like.

Thankfully, one of my mentors, the same mentor that met with me on Wednesday night, agreed to meet with me again.  For three hours, we fixed bugs and wrote tests. As always, I learned a lot. My mentor is very good and could be a teacher because she forces me to think about the what and the why, and tests my understanding. I feel so fortunate to have this mentor! When I got home at 11:30pm, I was exhausted, but it was well worth it.

Hackbright Education Ending

The educational portion of Hackbright ends on Friday of next week. We will get our red hoodies, which so many people are excited about. A small “hoodie” ceremony (that is not quite what she called it) will happen too and we will have a final party with the teachers and advisors.

It’s 1:25am, time for this day to end!

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