Keep on Running

There is this old song by the group Journey entitled “Keep On Running” and it really sums up how I feel right about now! I used to listen to this song on long training runs for the (one) marathon and (many) half-marathons that I have run. The lyrics apply to how I feel right now: just keep going. There is so much to do, and yet, I really like being busy. Being bored is much worse….

Photo by Joshua Sortino

(This photo reminds me of the La Jolla Half Marathon. There is an intense hill between miles 5-6 that seems to go on forever, but you are rewarded in mile 11 with a downhill that has an amazing view.)

Sorting Algorithms

Today’s lecture was all about sorting algorithms. We learned about bubble sort (seemingly always bad), Mergesort and a bit about Quicksort. Most of the lecture was spent on Mergesort and it was the most intuitive to understand.

I need to do a lot more reading about it. As I started at lunch, I read a short chapter from the book “Introduction to Algorithms” by Thomas Cormen, et al. It explained many of the sorting algorithms at a high level; it was an introductory chapter. It mentioned that there are sorting algorithms that do not rely on a comparison to do the work of sorting (like counting sort). We didn’t cover that concept at all in lecture. So much to learn for the future!


Today I finished the save functionalities and all of my queries. Having a relational database (PostgreSQL) along with SQL Alchemy and Flask turning everything into an object is really powerful, especially with Jinja.

At this point, I just have to build the replay route and function, which I am hopeful will not take that long. I will spend most of tomorrow and the weekend writing tests (when I am not doing the skills assessment) and then on Monday and Tuesday I will make things look prettier. At least, that is the plan for now….

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