Angular Again

In school, I heard exactly one 90 minute lecture about Angular and that was it. We didn’t have any Angular lessons or homework and we were not encouraged to use it. Also,  HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery/JavaScript are powerful together, as are many other front-end JavaScript frameworks. I decided it was time to take another Angular... Continue Reading →

JavaScript Class Final Project

I finished my JavaScript class final project on December 17. Since design is a skill that I am working to improve, I decided to do something more front-end oriented. Due to the fact that the holidays were timely, as was enormous amounts of food, I decided to make a food holiday calendar. Essentially, a user... Continue Reading →

Shh…. math

I was at a party on Saturday night and a friend asked what type of math class I am taking. I said “Discrete Math.” In response, she said that she had never heard of it, and was going to Google it. Another friend said that she would not find it on Google because it was... Continue Reading →

React and Redux

Tonight I went to another tech meetup in Los Angeles. The topic was JavaScript web applications, with a focus on the front end, specifically on React and Redux. I have taken a few classes on React in the past and in one class built a simple calculator. Tonight's class was focused on React and Redux... Continue Reading →

9 (and counting…)

Birthdays Today I attended the birthday party of one of my cousins who is turning nine. The party was at a bowling alley. I got to bowl (with the bumpers up to prevent gutter balls, just like the kids), have pizza and ice cream cake, and there were even video games. Most importantly, I spent... Continue Reading →

Javascript and bots – again

Skills Assessment I finished my Javascript and jQuery skills assessment. I didn’t get a chance to move on to the further study, as I stopped at 3 hours. I found it was like pulling teeth – I completed the problems pretty quickly but getting myself motivated to continue was really hard. I think that perhaps... Continue Reading →

jQuery, Advising & Girl Geek Dinner

Javascript -- Day 2 and JQuery I really like jQuery. I am still a bit tripped up by the Javascript syntax. (I get the idea, it’s mostly the semicolons and curly braces again) that require a bit more thought as I'm not used to adding them. The variable names use this cool lowerUpper case. Advising... Continue Reading →

Javascript — and bots!

SQL & Javascript More SQL today and the first introduction to JavaScript. What a day!  I actually didn’t mind going from SQL to Javascript, but something about semicolons and curly braces seems a bit wacky at first glance. However, the language seems logical enough, just not as structured and formal as SQL. Products that Count... Continue Reading →

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