jQuery, Advising & Girl Geek Dinner

photo-1459257831348-f0cdd359235fJavascript — Day 2 and JQuery

I really like jQuery. I am still a bit tripped up by the Javascript syntax. (I get the idea, it’s mostly the semicolons and curly braces again) that require a bit more thought as I’m not used to adding them. The variable names use this cool lowerUpper case.


I met with my advisor twice today. She is a gem and I am so glad that I have her! First, we met at lunch to discuss my project ideas. She kept insisting that I am much further along then I think, and doing just fine. She noted that I tend to downplay my abilities and that I am a “big picture thinker” in terms of scale and understanding how things all fit together. She really helped to calm me down. I still have not yet picked a project, although I have narrowed it from three to two.

During the second meeting we went over my skills assessment from the last weekend. Rather than just talking about comments, she made me describe everything on a very technical level along with why I chose certain things. Good practice for interviews. She is very good!


Girl Geek

Tonight I went to a Girl Geek dinner at Intuit. It was in Mountain View, so it took me a while to get there, but I arrived in time for the first speaker. One of the interesting things that she noted was that Intuit, Netflix and Uber have a Meetup to discuss user personalization. (In a way it ties into the bots the speaker spoke about yesterday in terms of learning enough to know how a person will behave…) She also said that the innovation rate is constantly increasing and that in three years, the current code will be legacy code. (Hmm… I wonder if there is some formula for determining how much time to spend on any given set of code – if in fact the three-year concept is true. In other words, what parts of your code or when should your entire code look like a Rembrandt versus when it is it okay to have a Bierstadt?)

The other really cool thing from the night was insight. One of the demos involved showing how their front end is coded – and to my surprise I recognized it. It was not over my head. Instead, there was HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc… all of the things I have been learning at Hackbright. It was a verification that what we have been learning is in fact what industry uses. During a different presentation they showed a slide with their tech stack – and while I didn’t recognize it all, I did see some familiar things. If Intuit is using it, then Hackbright is delivering a product for which there is market demand.

The DevSecOps speaker they flew in from the San Diego office, , was VERY good. I haven’t really thought much at all about software security. However, I did see the parallel between security and law: she said was that many developers see security as a roadblock or something to bypass – and that is how workers felt about legal too, as a roadblock or something to get around. The consequences are similar for both: ignoring security (or legal) can lead to a downfall of a company in the worst possible way. I really want to look more into security, I am inspired yet again.

Thankfully, the homework tonight was not a lot. I am sooo sleepy!


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