JSON, AJAX & 90’s


Wow – week four is done! What a day. Today we learned how to use JSON and do AJAX calls. We really should have had two lectures. The lecture went from 10am to 12:20 or so – it should have ended around 11:30. AJAX made sense to me right away. JSON will take some time: she had to zip through it, we did not even see the examples. I think this will be an area where I will have to do more quality learning on my own….

I got to work with the same lab partner again and it went well, although we just barely had time to finish the first exercise. Some pairs didn’t even get to the exercise. Doing the one example did help, but I do wish we could just have one day to study all of the “stuff” we have done so far and ask questions and work on labs in areas where we want to review.

photo-1428364685224-aa2d596d2cf090’s party

Tonight our cohort had a 90’s party and it worked out well. We used the theme for the entire day – many people wore 90’s clothes, we used 90’s adjectives during our questions (and it actually fit right in with lectures) and more.

I am again super sleepy and moderately scared of the weekend skills assessment on SQL and Javascript. I feel like we learned SQL last year, not earlier this week. I am hoping that with some sleep I will remember more. And so, I am going to bed and will do what I am supposed to do when I wake up tomorrow.

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