Git and GitHub Presentation

When I took Discrete Math, the teacher asked if anyone knew GitHub. I raised my hand, not thinking much about it. The result was that the teacher asked me to give a lecture to the class about how git and GitHub work, and ultimately, I also ended up being the manager of GitHub repository for the final class project. Here is the presentation that I made: GitPresentation. Here is the link to the class repository: https://github.com/wlacs942/Algorithms. For the final class project, we had to implement one of the algorithms from the book in either C++ or Java. I choice to implement matrix multiplication in C++, here is a link to my project and to my description of it.

Hackbright Lightning Talk – Chatbots

While I was a student at Hackbright, I became fascinated with bots. One of my mentors invited me to a meetup on April 27, 2016, and a VC, Tim Chang spoke, and his topic was “Messaging is Eating the World.” After that, I became fascinated with bots. I built a Facebook messenger bot, discovered Pandorabots, and spent more time than I should have playing around with AIML in Pandorabots… The upshot is that for my required lightening talk at Hackbright, I chose to talk about making a bot. Here is my presentation:

Lightning Talk – chatbots (MTD)

Hackbright Graduation Talk – One Minute Getaway

As a student at Hackbright, we are required to create a web app. The web app that I created is called “One Minute Getaway.” It allows a user to type in the name of a song, type in a location, and then it will display a picture of that location while playing a snippet of the song. I was asked and agreed to speak at our graduation ceremony. There was a video of all of the graduation talks, but unfortunately it is no longer available. Here is my presentation:




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