AWS – Polly want a….

I know the title is cliche.... but my homework assignment this week for my AWS class involving using Amazon Polly. Prior to doing my homework, I had only heard that Polly existed, but I did not know anything about it. My experience with speech synthesis by computer started in elementary school. I used to write... Continue Reading →

AWS – I AM an AWS user….

Now that the new semester is in full swing, I am really glad that I decided to sign up for an AWS class. The first two weeks have mostly revolved around setting up our AWS accounts and doing background reading. In part, this is to allow for everyone in the class to get signed up... Continue Reading →

AWS Dev Day LA

AWS Dev Day LA is here! The event was held at the Loews hotel in Hollywood -- not exactly where you’d expect a tech conference, but this is Los Angeles! I went to the following sessions: Building Serverless Web Applications, Building a CI/CD Pipeline for Containers, Introduction to Deep Learning on AWS with Tensorflow (the... Continue Reading →

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