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One thing that I like about SQL is the consistency. While there are several flavors, (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft, etc…) I can usually figure out the basics in whatever database I find myself using. Right now in my AWS database class, we are using cloud based relational databases, so SQL has entered my world again.

It has been a while since I have used SQL, so I did the examples and my homework first using a local PostGreSQL database instance. I used PSQL, which is the fastest way for me to get stuff done when I am practicing. One person’s GUI is another person’s ungluing because people visualize things differently…. PSQL lets me get down to business without all the fuss.

Then, I did the homework assignment again, using an AWS RDS instance with a MySQL database. The assignment was to create a schema for csv data about cars, download the data and input it into the database. Nothing fancy or new, but it was fun.

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