It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a database in a cloud…

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Okay, kind of not exciting for some people, but it was exciting for me. I finished the AWS introduction class (I got another A!) and now I am enrolled in the AWS Database class. Our homework assignment for this week was to launch a database in the cloud using AWS. Granted, I have used Firebase before which was my first experience of a cloud based database, but this class is using the AWS suite of databases.

For this class, we used MySQL. First we had to create a new database instance in AWS, and then connect to it using Wine Stable. I have never used Wine Stable, apart from doing the install last week, but it was relatively easy to set up and install, and connect to the MySQL database instance from AWS.

We didn’t actually get to do anything with the database yet, but I am hopeful that this week we will – or I might just do it on my own as I’m kind of eager to learn about it.

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