Oh What a Day!

Data Structures Our lecture this morning was about two hours and fifteen minutes long. We looked at lists, dictionaries, and sets - under the hood. We learned about how they are implemented in Python (with an occasional nod to how these structures are implemented in Javascript) and their runtimes. We also learned about sequential data structures... Continue Reading →


Today I had to finish the skills assessment. I had finished everything except for two problems. The first problem involved linked lists, and it was much easier to solve after several hours of sleep! The second problem involved a depth-first search of a tree and, it did not take that long either after some sleep. Then, I... Continue Reading →

Data Structures & Whiteboards

Data Structures redux - linked lists Today we had a lecture about singly linked lists. The lecture was given by one of the Hackbright graduates who serves as an advisor. The teachers chimed in regularly during the lecture, at one point even telling the lecturer not only to draw a diagram on the whiteboard, but... Continue Reading →

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