That’s a wrap!

Last Lecture Today was the last day of Hackbright. The last official activity for our cohort was a web application security talk. I learned quite a bit. A Hackbright partner company, NCC, has provided us all with a copy of the Web Application Hacker's Handbook. One of their consultants, who is an excellent teacher, is teaching... Continue Reading →

Morning Inspiration…

I decided on BART this morning that I wanted to be inspired. So, I looked at pictures and articles about one of my favorite athletes: Cam Newton. Apart from being an incredibly gifted athlete and charitable with his time as it relates to kids, I just like the fact that he is who he is.... Continue Reading →

jQuery, Advising & Girl Geek Dinner

Javascript -- Day 2 and JQuery I really like jQuery. I am still a bit tripped up by the Javascript syntax. (I get the idea, it’s mostly the semicolons and curly braces again) that require a bit more thought as I'm not used to adding them. The variable names use this cool lowerUpper case. Advising... Continue Reading →

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