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Last Lecture

Today was the last day of Hackbright. The last official activity for our cohort was a web application security talk. I learned quite a bit. A Hackbright partner company, NCC, has provided us all with a copy of the Web Application Hacker’s Handbook. One of their consultants, who is an excellent teacher, is teaching a mini-class for us on security.

After reviewing REST, HTTP, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and more, we installed a few new components on our laptops (Java, Burp Suite, and Firefox.) Once we configured everything, we were able to use Burp Suite to actually watch GET requests, cookies and all of the other information that is transmitted when something is typed into a web browser. It was illuminating and scary.

The end

Oddly, there isn’t an official ending to Hackbright. When the security lecture ended, a few girls from my cohort sat together – and we ate a bag of Doritos and chatted. They were going out after, and I was going home.

When I got home, I ate dinner. I don’t feel any different… Instead, I have to study data structures – I have a meeting with my mentor at 10:00am tomorrow.

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