My first post-Hackbright day!


Photo by Dariusz Sankowski



This morning I was fortunate enough to have not one but two mentors meet with me. I wanted to discuss a few data structures; on my list: forests, clusters, hashmaps and ordered dictionaries and sets. Thankfully, my mentors are both patient and smart – and helped me to better understand what I needed to know. They drew diagrams, we coded examples in the terminal and I know what to study more…

More importantly, I received some really valuable career advice. I am so grateful for the time that they both spent with me today.

Work time

After I ate lunch, I went to my new co-working space and went to work. My work consists of twin aims: studying and looking for a job. Although, I would also add a third: projects. There are things that I want to spend time making – just because. Hackbright has opened up a world of possibilities.

Once I finished, I came home and ate dinner.  Now, it’s time to make up for lost sleep.



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