JavaScript Class Final Project

I finished my JavaScript class final project on December 17. Since design is a skill that I am working to improve, I decided to do something more front-end oriented. Due to the fact that the holidays were timely, as was enormous amounts of food, I decided to make a food holiday calendar. Essentially, a user... Continue Reading →

Javascript and bots – again

Skills Assessment I finished my Javascript and jQuery skills assessment. I didn’t get a chance to move on to the further study, as I stopped at 3 hours. I found it was like pulling teeth – I completed the problems pretty quickly but getting myself motivated to continue was really hard. I think that perhaps... Continue Reading →

jQuery, Advising & Girl Geek Dinner

Javascript -- Day 2 and JQuery I really like jQuery. I am still a bit tripped up by the Javascript syntax. (I get the idea, it’s mostly the semicolons and curly braces again) that require a bit more thought as I'm not used to adding them. The variable names use this cool lowerUpper case. Advising... Continue Reading →

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