Javascript and bots – again


Skills Assessment

I finished my Javascript and jQuery skills assessment. I didn’t get a chance to move on to the further study, as I stopped at 3 hours. I found it was like pulling teeth – I completed the problems pretty quickly but getting myself motivated to continue was really hard. I think that perhaps I need a day off that is a real day off. A day off just seems like such a luxury….



I will get seven hours of sleep tonight – due to my increasing obsession with messaging bots. Even since the talk last Wednesday I have been mildly obsessed with them. Chatbots are just filled with potential. Today, I added two chatbots to my Kik account: one from H & M and another from Sephora. The H & M chatbot is right on point – it picked out an outfit that I will actually wear tomorrow. I know the point of the bot is to sell clothes for H & M, but I am not going to spend $273 on an outfit I already own – but had never thought to put together that way. The other bot was from Sephora. It is not as impressive, but I suspect that is due to my allegiance to a brand of makeup (Chanel) that Sephora does not sell.

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