Skills 1 done!

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Skills Assessment

Woo-hoo! I finished half of my skills assessment. I really like the idea of spending 6 hours total on it. Today I did the SQL part. I spent a few hours before the skills assessment going over the lecture demos from the week for SQL. I think it helped – I still feel a bit shaky about SQL, but I totally love the fact that once you finish a query you either get what you asked for – or not. I also like the structure and the syntax. It seems more intuitive.


I was able to talk my long walk this morning. I really like being able to have my long walks on weekend mornings. It always allows me to see the world anew. I didn’t rescue any dogs this weekend (I did last weekend), but I still enjoying walking along taking in all of the colorful spring flowers and reconnecting with the real world. I do worry about spending so much time in front of a computer every day.

Lightning Talk

I am still debating about my lightening talk topic. In theory I am supposed to talk about the Humanitarian Data Exchange, and I like the notion of talking about something in the non-profit realm that is also open source in a way. I think it could be good to remind my classmates that we can do some things with our newly acquired skills that benefit the world more broadly.

So, I am thinking back to earlier this week and have been reading and I think that I want to talk about bots and AI and messaging. It really did open my eyes. Recently in the press the Microsoft Twitter bot and the new Facebook messaging platform make me think this is where technology is headed and could be informative for the group. Not sure when I will find the time to do it all ?!?!

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