All That’s New is Old

In my C++ nanodegree program there is a tutorial on Cmake, including how to create a build list/ CMakeList.txt file. As I am writing the build list, all I can think of this that this is strikingly similar to a Docker compose file.... but it is also similar to a recipe (the baker in me... Continue Reading →

Distance again….

As part of the C++ Nanodegree, one of the projects is to build a route planner using OpenStreetMap. To get to the point of being able to build it, the class covers several different topics. Right now, I am learning about A* search. One of the functions I had to write was a Heuristic function... Continue Reading →

A C++ Upgrade

Python is my favorite language, but a close second is C++. My first experience with C++ was in Winter of 2018, when I took a class during the Santa Monica College January intersession, where a semester of C++ was wedged into six weeks. It was a fast paced class with exams each week and multiple... Continue Reading →

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