All That’s New is Old

In my C++ nanodegree program there is a tutorial on Cmake, including how to create a build list/ CMakeList.txt file. As I am writing the build list, all I can think of this that this is strikingly similar to a Docker compose file…. but it is also similar to a recipe (the baker in me prefers this analogy but I digress!)

When I took a class on AWS Compute services at Santa Monica College awhile back, we learned to use Docker and Kubernetes, among other tools. The funny thing is, I have not created a Docker compose file since then, but yet the name was top of mind as was the concept. It’s odd how the brain tucks away information and then serves it up! In some ways, it should not be surprising, it is just that most of my recent classes have involved only writing in python – which abstracts away the compiling and other steps in the name of efficiency.

I have to admit it was kind of fun to create a build list, a build directory, watch it make the object files and perform the linking and then ‘poof’ when I type ./filename it runs flawlessly. I know that this is not real life – bugs are inevitable but at least for today, I can say that 100% of the code compiled and ran without error on the first try!

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

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