A C++ Upgrade

Tree with letter C etched into it

Python is my favorite language, but a close second is C++. My first experience with C++ was in Winter of 2018, when I took a class during the Santa Monica College January intersession, where a semester of C++ was wedged into six weeks. It was a fast paced class with exams each week and multiple coding assignments each week. For reasons I still do not completely understand, I became enamored with C++ during this class…. The syntax, structure, logic, and so much more of C++ clicked with me in a way that no other language has. The class taught C++ 11 and we used the CLang compiler, on a VM. After the class ended, I was sad that there was not a ‘part two’ or ‘advanced’ or something similar.

I encountered C++ again at work in 2018. While I was working as a product owner, not a developer, the team had a problem to solve and C++ was the best language to use to solve it. The team eschewed labels if stuff needed to get done, which is how my boss came to ask me if I wanted to do it. I wanted to do it, but I did not feel confident, and declined. After that, I added getting better at C++ to my personal backlog, and every two weeks when I scrum with a friend on my personal goals, it stares at me from backlog….

Fast forward to last week, when I enrolled in the Udacity C++ nanodegree program. Finally, removed from the backlog, I am excited to plunge ahead. Admittedly, my motivations have changed. I still love the language, but now I want to learn Unreal Engine 5 really well, and part of that is getting good at C++. Since C++ is faster than just about everything else, I know it will be useful in other ways. This class is teaching C++ 17 and we are using a different compiler, GNU c++ compiler, in a Juptyer notebook.

I’ll post more about the projects as I complete them, but I am totally loving getting back to C++.

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