AWS – I AM an AWS user….

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Now that the new semester is in full swing, I am really glad that I decided to sign up for an AWS class. The first two weeks have mostly revolved around setting up our AWS accounts and doing background reading. In part, this is to allow for everyone in the class to get signed up with AWS Educate.

This week was our first assignment that uses AWS. The first assignment related to the IAM (Identity Access Management) that AWS provides. I admit that I used IAM when I set up my personal website. However, I now actually understand what I did – it’s one thing to follow a demo and do something – but now I know how to make groups, set up users with different permissions and I know about the URL’s for IAM users. As a result, I will probably not login to my root account as often.

The second part of our assignment involved the business aspect of AWS – budgets.  It’s always good to avoid sticker shock, and I suspect that AWS bills can provide quite the shock depending upon what’s being done. The assignment required us to set up alerts and automatic actions (scaling down). I am glad that the teacher chose this topic as one of the first to study!

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