AWS Dev Day LA

AWS Dev Day LA is here! The event was held at the Loews hotel in Hollywood — not exactly where you’d expect a tech conference, but this is Los Angeles! I went to the following sessions: Building Serverless Web Applications, Building a CI/CD Pipeline for Containers, Introduction to Deep Learning on AWS with Tensorflow (the slides were not posted), and I spent most of the afternoon in a hands-on workshop – Building a Serverless Web Application in One Day. I learned that if I don’t use the information I learn at conferences as soon as possible after the conference, it is much less likely that I will come back to it. The app that I built was a standard Amazon app – WildRydes – that uses an S3 bucket to store files, Cognito for login (which I really liked and it was easy to configure), Dynamo DB (this is the second time I have used Dynamo DB), and then a Lambda function was connected to the API Gateway. Overall it took about 2 hours, and it was neat to have built an entire app in a few hours, without too much difficulty. I definitely want to come back and play with Cognito for other apps.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 4.18.27 PM

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