9 (and counting…)

I made this cake prior to Hackbright – back when I had time to bake.


Today I attended the birthday party of one of my cousins who is turning nine. The party was at a bowling alley. I got to bowl (with the bumpers up to prevent gutter balls, just like the kids), have pizza and ice cream cake, and there were even video games. Most importantly, I spent time with family. Hackbright has taken over my life, so being able to spend the day with family was such a treat!


On the drive over to the birthday party (1.5 hours), I reviewed the lecture notes from the Hackbright Javascript lectures, and played a bit in a Node terminal on my phone. (The small screen is definitely not recommended.) I want to brush up on my JS skills and no better place to start than at the beginning.


Today, I replaced an alert with a flash message. Alerts seem old fashioned to me. Now, if a user types in the name of a song that is not found in the API, the app will stay on the homepage, and flash a message indicating that the song wasn’t found. It’s more in line with user expectations. Plus, since the alert was set up with a template, it will no longer require a server call, which should speed things up.

Next, I updated the user getaways page. It had an unsightly table that took up too much space. The page now has a heading, short instructions and a list of prior getaways to choose from. It is so much more elegant.

I wish that I would have had more time to style the app prior to career day. We were encouraged not to worry about styling until the very end. However, I think that in future projects I will think about style much sooner.

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