I took this picture in San Diego on a lazy Sunday afternoon in May of 2016.

Hackbright – Part Two

The “educational” part of Hackbright is over, and now the focus for the next two weeks is on the job search. Every day, roughly from 10am to 6pm, there are any number of events, workshops, practice sessions, etc… all aimed at helping us to get a job.

Our day started with a thorough rundown of all of the services that are offered by Hackbright to help us get a job – along with the expectations on our end. It’s a lot. I was really surprised in a good way by all that Hackbright does to help us in the job search. Since (mostly) everyone is entering a new field, there is a lot of guidance, but we are expected to do our part as well. I am both excited and scared. There is so much to do!

However, I have faith in the process. Hackbright would not have the reputation it has if the process did not work. So, I spent the day reaching out to people I know, working on my resume, and because I’m me, looking for volunteer work – in tech. At least while I am looking for a job, I can help people while using my new skills.


I was asked to give a demonstration of my project at the Hackbright graduation celebration. My advisor and a TA from the other cohort asked me. It was unexpected, but I said “yes.” The result is that I spent the second half of today working on a Powerpoint presentation.

While the API’s that I used in my project and mention in my Powerpoint presentation are RESTful API’s, I could use a bit of actual rest myself – the bags under my eyes are attempting to make themselves at home!

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