Practice, Practice, Practice

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Doing Math with Python

Today I finished the examples in the first chapter of the Doing Math with Python book. I wrote a few extra functions, based upon what was presented, to reinforce what I was learning.

HTML video

I have not used the video tag in HTML, so my goal today was to try it out, since video is everywhere on the web. Thankfully, I found many great free sources of videos, and settled on one from Pexels of the Milky Way glowing at night. I also found a placeholder (poster) picture, so that while the video is loading or before a user clicks the play, there is something on the screen. The book I was using also had this very helpful cheat sheet on encoding for video for the web. Not exactly earth shattering, but a step along the way.

CSS Liquid Layouts

While I know how to use Bootstrap to make a web page responsive, I wanted to learn how to use CSS to make a web page responsive. One of my books, HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites by Jon Duckett, has a section on Liquid Layouts. I made a simple web page with a nav bar, feature section, three columns and a footer, and picked out a color scheme with coolors — a responsive web page without any bootstrap! I may build this into a real website eventually. While using Bootstrap makes sense in many situations, it is good to know how to make a website responsive without, plus, Bootstrap is not the best choice in all situations.


Finding Your Target Audience

In the Digital Marketing Circuit, I learned about reaching a target audience with social media, and in the Applied Marketing Strategy and Decision Making Tools I learned about the strategy behind segmentation. Tonight I listened to a lecture “How to Find Your Audience in Less Than 30 Minutes” by Kiss Sándor on Skillshare, which used social media tools to find a target audience. It was a refresher on certain concepts (segmentation variables of all sorts — geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavorial) and tools (Facebook Audience Insights, Similar Web) I already knew how to use, but also provided a new way to use them, along with an introduction to Quantcast and Alexa, which I have never used but am excited to try out.

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