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Discrete Math and Sympy

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Today I have to finish reading for my Discrete Math class. While at times reading the text and following the examples is mind bending, at other times it makes perfect sense in a way that causes me to smile. So far, I think that Discrete Math is a combination of geometry (proofs, theorems), logic (reminiscent of law school) and of course, math. Despite the difficulty at times, I really like the class.

My worlds collided again today. I logged into Safari and was looking at Python books, and I came across Mastering Python Scientific Computing. I am not a scientist and do not want to become one, but I was curious about helpful python libraries. I came across the sympy library, and after I did a few of the example in the book, I smiled. Where was this when I was taking algebra and calculus? More importantly, I realized that for some of the examples in my Discrete Math class, this library is useful, yay!

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