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Go(lang), Web Scraping, Vue.js

Since I have a week between my last class (AWS databases) and my next class (Assembly language), I am working on my ongoing learning. I have a subscription to O’Reilly Safari, and I have a few saved lists of books and classes that I am working on, albeit quite slowly. Today I worked on three things: (1) Go, which I am just starting, and I am only working on variables, types, and for loops. (2) Web Scraping with python book, which I am using to get better at Python 3. I am using te Beautiful Soup library and doing an exercise scraping wikipedia. (3) Vue.js. I have been looking for a front-end framework that is more intuitive and less fussy than React and Angular, and Vue.js seems to be right up my alley. It uses plain old JavaScript (ES6) and handles templating in a manner than is similar to Jinja. So far, I am really enjoying it, which I could never say after working with Angular or React.


I am still enjoying Visual Studio Code. It is much easier to use than language specific IDE’s, like PyCharm or C-Lion. While I also liked Webstorm, VSC has more flexibility and functionality.

Since so many dev teams use Jira, which is owned by Atlassan and has an integration with Bitbucket, I figured it would be a good idea to get to know Bitbucket. Also, since I am paying GitHub seven dollars a month for private repos and Bitbucket has free private repos when there is only one user, it seems fiscally prudent. I use private repos for practice exercises, which I don’t think the world needs to see. Once I updated my global config file on my laptop, I was able to change one private repo in github into a private repo in Bitbucket.  Onward with Bitbucket!


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