My mom left today, after literally packing up half of my house. I cannot thank her enough for all of the help!

New Lessons

Today I spent a bit of time of the new lessons, which involved html. I admit that because I  spent a lot of time doing html in Girl Develop It classes, I didn’t spen a lot of time on my homework – it went pretty quickly.

I did realize, however, that the syntax is easy to forgot. I might remember that to make a link I need to use href, but the syntax with that statement is important too – and I was surprised at how quickly I had forgotten it.

I think that programming may require ongoing little programming challenges – even outside of school or eventually work, just to make sure that I stay sharp in a particular language.


My friends threw a going away party for me tonight. I am blessed with the best friends in the world! They cooked for me – delicious food and desserts – and I just felt so loved! I will cry if I write more. Off to sleep!

Photo by Karl Fredrickson

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