(LAX) to (SFO)

Today I drove up from Los Angeles to the San Francisco bay area. It took about 8 hours and several stops. I have to admit – I am still in love with my car. It is a 2015, but I just love driving that car….

The day I purchased the car…

It is starting to seem more real to me that I am going to Hackbright. My family has been asking me lots of questions. I suppose in part to defend my decision to leave a high paying job where I was well regarded. In the end, they are all supportive of me – but, we are still going to do a family “drive-by” of the school on Sunday, just so that everyone can check it out.

Then, I spent two hours on homework. It was a review of html but mostly CSS. Oddly, learning it this second time around, it seems to make more sense. I suppose that what they say about practice an repetition is true. And, this time around I didn’t do any copying and pasting but instead forced myself to type everything – I know it takes longer, but somehow I think that I am retaining more by actually having to type in the code.

I did learn many new things in CSS that I hadn’t learned before, so that it pretty cool. It is all really logical in terms of the flow of things and the syntax, etc… in both languages (if html & css are considered languages.) It seems to come easier than python or ruby, where you have to put more thought into doing anything.

Well, I am sleepy again, waking up early, driving 8 hours (mostly, mom drove some), slupping my stuff upstairs (thanks to family for helping with this), and then two hours or so of homework have left me exhausted. I am totally looking forward to a good night’s sleep… whenever it is that will occur!



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