A tisket, A tasket, a Big O basket….

The skills assessment this weekend involves: Runtime, LinkedLists, Queues, Stacks, and Trees (including Binary Trees). At the beginning of the week, I did not know anything about those data structures. However, this week, we have covered all of these topics. The problem is that since we spend most of our time working on our projects right now, after the lectures, we do not do labs or have homework that involves and reinforces what we learn in lecture. The result is that I spent a lot of today reviewing the handouts, my lecture notes and lots of resources online – some from lecture recommendations and some from my own searching.

Here is a short list of my online favorites so far so that I can come back to them later:

As it is, I finished all but two of the questions, and I have some time left to work on those two questions. I did create one of the most elegant whiteboards in my quest to understand it all, although I feel like the slope in my graphs and a few other items are not as accurate as I would like, but it helps me.


Oh well. I am sure that in a few months I will look back on this and amaze myself at how much more I know. But for now, it seems like a lot, and I am ready for sleep.

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