JavaScript Study Group

SF Women Who Code JavaScript Study Group

Tonight I went for the second time to this JavaScript Study Group. The first time I attended it was very structured, with a lecture and exercises. This time, everyone worked on whatever projects they pleased. Since I have been working thru the intermediate algorithm problems on the Free Code Camp website, I decided to work on another problem. We learned JavaScript at Hackbright, but it was not the main focus. Consequently, I have been practicing JavaScript not so much with an eye towards a framework or library, but instead learning how to solve problems with it.

Women in Tech by Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack

Two of my friends from Hackbright also attended the study group, and one of them give me a gift, the book “<Women in Tech>“, and she had it inscribed by the author and one of the contributors to me! It seemed fitting to receive this book at a Women’s JavaScript study group. The book contains helpful career suggestions from the author and a multitude of contributors. Once I started reading, very shortly thereafter, I picked up a pen and started highlighting and tabbing pages – it is hard to put down. I am grateful for the gift!

A photo by Katya Austin.
(Photo by Katya Austin) I chose this photo because the charts of Hawai’i and the foul weather gear remind me of the preparation and camaraderie that I feel when I go sailing with friends — that I also felt tonight.


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