Today I finally had the courage to open my first homework assignment from Hackbright.

Photo by Elissa Algora

I was a bit nervous and had actually held off. I was a bit relieved. The first part was pretty simple: figuring out the OS and setting up Python.

I already had Sublime text installed so I was happy that we are going to use a text editor I have used before. What was cool is that I got to play around with the settings in Sublime. Then, my first mini-challenge: set up my system so I could run sublime from the command prompt. The directions gave me an error message. The problem? It had already been installed. I figured this out by looking in the directory the instructions pointed to. Problem solved. The other cool thing is discovering the console window in sublime. Okay, I am also excited about linter, that is supposed to help point out things when coding in Python. I wonder if it works for Ruby too?

Then, my next problem awaited solving. In configuring postgres I needed to add something to my bash profile. First, I was excited to learn such a thing existed – all of these hidden files were revealed! The issue is that I had allowed another program to change my bash profile and the prompt in my bash was different. I saved a back up and then jumped in. I read all of the read-me text in the file and figured out how to change my bash profile so that it was back to normal. I was nervous it would no longer work, but I saved it, restarted my terminal window and all is good!

And, I reinstalled postgres and Xcode – funny thing is that I had deleted them earlier today because I wasn’t sure what environment I would need to set up!

Overall, it really wasn’t too bad…

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