My Journey begins…

My Journey begins…

Photo by Alex Siale

Today I started on the actual prework. I felt pretty confident at first. A lot of the material is very basic and the concepts are similar to Ruby. I felt proud when I figured out a few things for myself. I had to do some calculations using Python as a calculator.

A few exercises were not easy to understand at first glance. I had to read them a few times in order to figure out what was being communicated. Ultimately, the references books that I had purchased –  Learn Python the Hard Way and Python Crash Course – helped me to figure it out.

Helpful things I figured out: (1) Referring to the books – people explain things differently and what I read didn’t always make sense the way it was explained but reading on the same topic in another book did make sense; (2) taking a quick break helps – laundry provided a quick mental break – even 2 or 3 minutes can help; (3) write down in a numbered list what I am trying to do and once I finished the list, write the code that corresponds to each number; (4) reviewing the samples carefully.


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