Swamped and sleepless in San Diego…

The amount of stuff I have to do is finally starting to sink in. I am swamped at work and at home. I haven’t really slept in weeks. Yet, there is this sense of excitement and fun! I had dinner with my very best friend in San Diego and it was so enjoyable! Three and a half hours later, we were the last two diners to leave. It was my first time at this particular Indian food restaurant that is right near my house and the food was delicious!

I went right to homework when I got home from dinner.  I am writing this choose your own adventure program based on my experiences at South by Southwest. It seems so long ago even though it has only been a few weeks. The program has been really fun to write. I am about half way through, but I suspect the rest of the coding should actually go faster now that I have it set up.

Not much else to report, just that I am TIRED!


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