Wow, what a day…

I worked quite a bit and around 2:00pm my co-workers surprised me with a cake that actually said Hackbright on it! I was just amazed. I was there for 10 years (well, one week short of 10 years). If I write more, I will cry, so I’ll stop on that track.


I came home after work and began working on my homework. One thing I realized in the process of writing seemingly endless numbers of if/then/else loops, is that it makes since to write the syntax first, so that I get the nesting correct and use the pass command, as a placeholder. Once I could look and see that all of my loops were complete, then I started working on the first set of loops, and I ran the program with just those loops. This allowed me to do some debugging and make sure that it was going to work. Then, I was able to do cutting and pasting in parts without as much worry about whether or not the loops would work and without having an error occur in multiple parts of the program because I didn’t catch it before the cut/paste. I basically finished the homework, but it isn’t pretty yet. I’ll have to do that tomorrow.

I went to see Batman vs. Superman with my friends at 9:30pm! I am Superman all the way, plus – looking at Henry Cavill for any amount of time makes me VERY happy! It was good and tough to see my friends. I needed to see them and be around them after the emotional day at work. They are excited for me and gave me lots of hugs, but sad too see me go. And I am about leaving them, but excited about my future.

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