Debugging & LifeBugging


Just when you think you’ve debugged everything, you discover you didn’t. So, I drew this little tree with all of the options I had nested in various if/then/else statements. I started testing them and determined that they didn’t work properly!

What surprised me was that the error was not obvious in looking at the code. I believe it would be considered a semantic error. Essentially, I had created an “or” statement that worked, but not the way I intended. It didn’t throw an error, it just didn’t do what it was supposed to. And, I think the statement work have worked as intended in Ruby – but this is Python – Oops!


Today was my last day at work. It is actually a company holiday, so there were not too many people there. It was not really bittersweet, instead it just seemed like I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing: leaving. I wasn’t sad, more anxious – to tie up all of the loose ends and pack up my stuff. I skipped lunch and didn’t leave until 4:30pm!  The building I used to work in (I will get used to saying that!) was historical, so I will share a picture here:


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