Profiles & Packing

Today I did my profile for Hackbright. I didn’t have any trouble with the basics but defining my career and goals in 100 characters – even Twitter allows for more!

Then, I actually went back and did the lessons from the last homework assignment that I didn’t finish  – I didn’t actually need to do them to complete the assignment, but I don’t like feeling like there is something that I missed. I felt pretty good finishing that part. It all made sense and was easy to follow. However, the thought that one typo in bash could delete a bunch of files is not a good one. I do wonder if that is really true or if the IT people have some way of getting files back?

I am tired again, but at least now we moved some stuff into storage;  my mom is here to help me pack. I have lived here for nine years and getting the place ready to sell in one week is quite the undertaking!


Yanko Peyankov


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