Theory Lessons

Today was a very good day. It started out with a bit of a sprint – BART was running late! I ended up taking a VERY overpriced taxi ride from BART to school so that I could get to school on time and without having to run uphill.

The lessons today were interesting. The second lecture was about the theory behind memory in computer science. I am glad that Hackbright has theoretical lectures. Most of what we do at school is practical, but the theoretical lectures put the practical lessons in context.

It is analogous to the theory lessons my piano teacher gave me for homework each week. Practicing the piano was central, but without theory, I just played the piano. Theory is what made me a pianist because it allowed me to understand the how and the why.


Photo by Louis Smith

Today was my first meeting with my advisor. It was 30 minutes and it went very well. She encouraged me to publish this blog. She also encouraged me to think about my final project. Sort of exciting to think about it – I pitched two ideas that I had. I’ll have to look in my notebooks for other ideas. Oddly cool to think that these notebooks with ideas could become a reality as I learn more about how to do stuff.

Yet again, I am exhausted. At least tonight it is only 11:30 as opposed to last night’s 1:00am! Sleep awaits!

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