Week One Done

Week one is over. I stayed at the social long enough to eat but that was about it. I was really tired. When I got home, I decided to do something completely unrelated: my taxes. This year was easier than last year in some ways albeit with a few new things too.

All of those law school classes on tax – personal, corporate & partnership, non-profit, international – seem so far away. Hard to believe I also did an independent study in international tax. I enjoyed my tax classes; the logic (or lack thereof) behind the tax code made more sense than many other topics in law school. Plus, the tax law faculty were smarter and kinder and the other tax students were also more friendly than the rest of the law school students.

Week One Lessons

I realized a few things needed to change. First, I needed to do a better job of guarding my sleep – I need as many hours as possible. I can sleep less, but that typically means I don’t function as well.

Second, I need to exercise. The natural frustrations and sedentary nature of what I am doing all day long require a physical outlet. My uncle reminded me that they have two exercise bikes set up indoors (and frankly they are in an awesome location, overlooking the harbor).

Third, I need to make sure my breaks are mindfully productive. Going to the bathroom and getting coffee while not spending even thirty seconds to meditate or do box breathing or going outside is not good.

Fourth, I need to focus on my goals. While I respect all of my classmates, fundamentally, I am there to help myself reach goals that I have set.

Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev

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