Functions galore

Functions galore…. We have skills assessments each weekend. This weekend there are two parts: functions and lists. In looking at the two , I decided to do the second one first, on functions: it had two subparts, and it looks like it will take longer.

It went really well. I started by reviewing the weeks work and handouts on functions and trying a few things out in the python terminal. I think that really helped because it all went pretty smoothly. I had some problems where I had to try a few times to get it right, but for the most part, everything worked perfectly pretty quickly. I feel pretty good about it all.

On top of it all, I even got to have dinner with my family at a new French place in town (well, new to us) that was really good! It seems like the time I spent studying international law in Paris was so long ago….

Jacob Peters-Lehm

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