Lists and more lists

What a difference a day makes! I was able to exercise this morning and do many other necessary personal things. After lunch, I sat down to start working on the second part of the skills assessment around 1pm. First, Github would not cooperate. After an hour spent deleting repositories, using Github’s documentation rather than Hackbright’s, and more, I gave up. Better to spend my time actually doing the skills assessment than trying to figure out why Github is throwing error messages.

Then, I decided to review my notes and work in the console a bit based on the week’s lectures. When I felt like I had mastered everything around 3:30pm or so, I started working on the lists part of the skills assessment. I had a few errors initially, and then I was able to get the first few to work. Some of the functions were had to write were harder and took a lot more time while others only took minutes to complete. The real problem came somewhere around 5pm when I realized that it was unlikely I was going to finish. We had to write a total of 21 functions that did different things. At 9:00pm I emailed with what I had done.

I felt frustrated when I finished because I know that I could have done more of the functions if I had more time. I think that the good thing about the 9pm finish time is exactly that – you don’t have to work past that time. I know that I spent as much time as I had allocated. If I hadn’t reviewed I would have gone further, but I felt like the review helped to solidify my learning.

Off to bed. I am not exhausted and will get eight hours of sleep tonight – yeah!

Photo by Tirza van Dijk

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