Classes, Lectures and Tea

What a difference several days makes! Yesterday we started learning about classes and objects. I knew what classes and objects were in Ruby, but I didn’t really understand how they worked. The lectures really illuminated it for me. I understood a lot more about what was doing on. The lab was really helpful too. The gal I worked with in lab was a good match, we had a lot of a-ha moments.

I also met with the staff and advisors this week. My lightning talk was approved! It will be my first technical talk and thankfully I am last on the list, so I have a bit more time before I have to speak – although it actually raises expectations because I will have seen everyone else’s talk and will need to do that much better.

I have also whittled down project ideas to three possibilities. This week I will spend some time looking at datasets to see what is and is not available, to assist with figuring out which project to choose.

Tonight we had a tea party. Each Friday night there is a social event and the event for tonight was a tea party. We had crepes, salad and desserts, along with tea, soda, and there was also beer, wine and champagne. I enjoyed spending time just hanging out with people and chatting. I got a chance to speak with a lot of the girls that I do not usually speak with, so it was good. We are all feeling pretty sleepy these days….

Photo by Lauren Mancke

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